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If you'd like to submit an order for a drawing, please describe in writing - either in a letter or e-mail - a situation or event and your thoughts and feeling on the matter.

How much does it cost?
Nothing. You send me the text. And after a while, you’ll receive an A4 or letter size color copy of the drawing, made-to-order according to the text you submitted. (All my small drawings, not just my made-to-order drawings, come in editions of 3/2). I will cover return costs of mailing.
Please provide your mailing address!

In exchange, I may use and publish the submitted text - author will remain anonymous - but I'll indicate that it's not mine.

If the drawing doesn’t arrive as soon as you'd have liked, that could be because I
- have too much to do
- haven’t mailed the drawing yet (why is it easier to complete
  a drawing than to send it?)
- am overwhelmed by the text you’ve submitted
- have the feeling that your order is superficial and loveless

How should such a text be?
As you wish.
As additional advice and an example, I like to tell this story:
I went to the baker's last Monday to buy bread and cheese, in a lousy mood, headachy and deprived of sleep. When I paid, the assistant smiled at me from behind the counter in such a friendly way, that for a moment I forgot my mood...

Why do I like that story?
- because something
happened - was traded - in that time
- because
feelings and the body’s condition were described
- because feelings, atmospheres, can
change through external

Please don’t:
- describe one of the performers from the trading cards
- describe an already existing drawing, not just one of mine
- describe a still-life

Here are additional samples, texts from orders and their made-to-order drawings.

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May I submit several orders for drawings?
Yes. But not all at once.

Why are there sometimes several drawings for one order?
Because more came about.

Why do illustrations of a drawing look different on the monitor to the color copy I received by mail?
Because Kater gets bored while scanning and because his old 180 Mark scanner is so slow. And to kill the boredom, he starts drawing on some of the drawings...

Why can’t I find
any illustrations of my drawing on the web here ? Is my custom-made drawing not good enough to be published on the internet?
For organizational reasons, it's not possible to publish all drawings on the net. The appearance or non-appearance of a drawing does not reflect on its quality.

What is it that Hannes Kater expects or supposes is the impulse for people to write a text for a drawing?
Well... not really a clear reflex. Diffuse curiosity, a kind of "let’s see if anything comes back" - without further investigating why one is bothering with this at all. And it’s for free...
Many don’t submit a text to Kater, or leave one with him for the simple reason they fear a blunder (perhaps not original enough) and not having control over what happens when Kater begins to draw...
The number of orders from people Hannes Kater has talked to for a longer time and who have more or less promised to send him a text, is actually quite small.

What kind of reactions does Kater expect when he mails his drawings?
Anything, even no reaction at all is fine with him. Almost half the clients thank him for the drawing. Mostly briefly. A few write more extensively. To date, a longer dialogue in writing has only happened once.

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