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If it can be done, Kater appears when talking about his work in situations he arranges. Wherever possible, he uses projections and shows drawings.

His lectures revolve mostly around 3 main points:
How he makes drawing decisions during the work or what motivates him to draw.
Drawing and thinking....and what that has to do with making lines.
Language, true painting and the development of his drawings, the performers.

Hannes Kater: vortragend - als Zeichnungsgenerator
Hannes Kater: vortragend - als Zeichnungsgenerator
Hannes Kater: vortragend - als Zeichnungsgenerator
During a lecture in 1998, Kater stood in the projection field and became part of the projected drawing through his own reflected shadow...

Kater explains the projected system - here his four-step cataloguing system for drawings...

At the end of the lectures in 1997/98 Kater presented how new drawings came about.....with a rear screen projection and two projector sources.

An installation for a lecture in 1998...

Hannes Kater: Installation für Auftritt als Zeichnungsgenerator

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