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As a
generator of drawings, Hannes Kater offers everyone their own made-to-order drawing - for free!

Kater transforms textual specifications into drawing through his own visual language, in such a way that the client is well able to interpret the more complex aspects of the drawing, by recognizing his original specifications.

As in the case of every good translator, vocabulary accumulates slowly by applying learning processes. Each new order for a drawing is therefore welcome.

A model for artistic and social trade is the exemplary byproduct of advertising for personal made-to-order drawings:
- the artists finds a client for whom he personally creates works and
  makes his visual language visible and accessible to all
- the artist finds his role in society
- the artist creates greater availability of his work

Kater is interested in the kind of artistic trade where the separation of author and recipient is thematicised without much fuss. As an artist, he is offering a model or process, which cannot necessarily be translated by the recipient, but which he can interpret to a great degree.
Kater wishes to push the boundary line more in the direction of the recipient, without denying that the boundary exists, and so involve the recipient and make a clear offer of communication to him.

This project was startet in 1997. [More Information in german language]

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